Dev story

Dev story

Have you ever wondered how difficult and challenging it is to conduct studies that are not engaged in the production of games? How many times have you mercilessly spoiled the creators for their mistakes? After all, it would be enough to do a little more, the world and repeat all this, and it would be ideal… Game Dev Story is a mini-simulator released on iOS and Android, thanks to which you will be able to test yourself as a developer. Our objective is to produce a game that will win excellent scores and therefore sell well.

Nintendo switch hot

Nintendo switch hotThe first thing that will come to us to do after the launch of the game, will come up with the name of our Studio. When we go through this as a difficult stage will begin these dev story stairs, the gameplay begins with a low budget, which will not allow us too many blunders. From the beginning we have to control the following shortcomings in our team through the employment of new people.

The system of employees has been thought out interestingly, each person is determined through 4 statistics, telling us about its level of training in the areas necessary to create the nintendo switch hot game: programming, graphics, writing scripts and sound engineering. All dev story employees also have their own specialty (graphic, sound engineer, etc.), through which they better develop their nintendo switch hot skills in the relevant industries and achieve better results in the design of the game. The developers give us the opportunity to improve the abilities of our people by paying them for various activities such as going to the movies or reading books.

The very aspect of the selection and development of the team is quite an important element, as they are better, and the more experienced we have, the more refined productions will be created, and therefore we will be better earned. When our game dev story Treasury is full, we can allocate more money to the next project, which will lead to the release of even better production.

Hot springs story

After the replenishment of the composition, we can begin to develop hot springs story and create the first game. Our task is to develop and control the formation of the title. First we have to decide what we really want to create. We have a choice of two categories: genre and reality, which will be built in the name, for example – Action RPG and Ninja. At the beginning of our adventure, we have quite a small selection in both categories, but along with the progress in the game and improving the skills of our team, we get access to a wide range of opportunities.

Hot springs storyThe design step doesn’t end with choosing these two things, now we have to decide which platform we want to build on. An interesting idea is that not all consoles are available at the start. Over the years, companies with similar names and in those we know (Sunny, Intendro Lee Senga) are releasing new versions of their leading products. Every time we need to purchase the appropriate license, we can create games for a specific hardware model.

If we made a choice in the main hot springs story issues, it would seem that it is possible to start production… Not, not yet, was the implementation of a step that determines the quality of production, that is definitely what will be emphasized. We do this by dividing the available points into one of 8 categories: cutscenes, world size or General nintendo switch game developers grinding. The problem is that we never had enough points to extort each category, we have to decide what to improve in our game and at what expense to do it. The task is not easy, as strange combinations can lead to the fact that our product will not be sold, and therefore the Studio will go bankrupt.

Nintendo switch game developers

Nintendo switch game developers

When we are able to create a game, we can start issuing it. Now our capabilities will be strictly limited, the impact that we have on the emerging name is negligible, still depends on whether we have prepared a good product. In addition to selecting which employees are to solve the scenario, graphics, and fine workmanship, we has almost nothing to do. The quality of our game is determined by 4 factors: gameplay, graphics, creativity and sound.

An interesting idea is that the nintendo switch game developers employee can improve the design on any plane, so it is not limited to the scope of their specialization. When we decide to release our work, it will be evaluated by the press on a ten-step scale, and the assessments themselves will have a short comment. Although sales are not directly related to the evaluation of the game, the more we collect, the more chance we have to win prizes at the annual festival of games, which directly affects our popularity. And as you know, popularity = $$$.

From the above text it can be concluded that this hot spring game production is suitable, but, unfortunately, has its drawbacks. One of them is very poor graphics. Many people would fall for the limitations of the platform on which the game was released, in my opinion it smells like a reduction in cost. Other performances have already proved that if he wants and has, accordingly, capable people, it is possible to squeeze much more from mobile phones. Oh, how many graphics terrible, but somehow does not interfere with the game, so the sound is very hemorrhoids… after 15 minutes of true passion, I decided there was no point in torturing it and turned off all the sounds.

I’ve described to you already more important hot spring game aspects, specifically omitting some subtleties so as not to give you the pleasure of getting to know the title, because despite the fact that, it’s production on mobile platforms, it was well thin and decently done, for some small flaws. To be honest with you, this is the first game on my phone that I work nights, so be careful, because it’s as addictive as a juicer. Despite the poor fixtures graphics, this game is very extensive, which every minute can surprise us with something worth spending these few dollars to try their hand.