Amazing The Witcher 3 Secrets Revealed

Amazing The Witcher 3 Secrets Revealed

The Witcher 3: wild Hunt ” had an amazing success. This is the first game from Poland that the whole world paid so much attention to. Geralt of Rivia has become thanks to this product is one of the most recognizable heroes of the game – the Witcher will even get to the fighting game SoulCalibur 6

Deadly rabbit

RPG from CD projekt RED, will debut in 2015. This is a large project in which several recipients spent hundreds of hours. However, the disclosure of all the secrets and mysteries lasts almost all the time – after all, in such a big game it’s easy to miss something. A pity, because interesting Easter eggs developers have prepared quite a bit.

Deadly rabbitIn this review, we present the ten most interesting secrets of Wild Gon. We are without a beat that during the first adventure in Witcher 3 ourselves we only noticed one link from our entire list – this is about which we write below. The rest are just hard sometimes to understand but it is interesting to return to the game, to independently verify some of the secrets. Yes, probably some of you will soon.

If you want to complete all the missions, quests, or collecting drains, take advantage of our extensive guide the Witcher 3. We also recommend that you check out another batch of secrets and little things from the world of Witcher 3-Witcher 3-20 little things that you may not have known. But in order not to delay too much reception-we are starting!

„Monty Python and the Holy Grail „is for many a cult film – created by one of the most famous cabaret groups in history, that is the”Monty Python” team. We will learn the story of a group of daredevils looking for the artifact of the same name. That knight is losing his head. Literally. It would seem that an innocent rabbit throws down his throat. Then the whole group rushes to the creature, but ultimately all decide on the use of the Holy Grenade (Holy Hand Grenade, as you know – by the way, – a series of Worms).

The village of „Game of thrones”

Well, in some forest in Witcher 3, Geralt in one of the caves you can see a familiar face view of a white rabbit. Moreover, on a toy blood stains and human remains are visible. This is a scene undoubtedly inspired by the Python movie. For a slightly younger audience, or just an unrelated scene from the movie, we put it below. By the way, we recommend you to read the whole work.

Rabbits and a specific, British humor, of course, is not the end of the little things and interesting secrets of Wild Rut. The next paragraph will be about something completely different-for we describe the establishment of a particular hbo series.

The village of "Game of thrones”If you’ve watched at least the first two seasons of the popular hbo series, created based on the George R. R. Martin Saga, then you probably associate the scene in which the chatty Tyrion Lannister gets into an unusual camera in the hard-to-reach airy castle. The cage is quite spacious though and no amenities. Prisoners can not complain about the weak species – because from the outside they look through a large hole, gaping in the place where there should be Amazing The Witcher 3 Secrets Revealed an ordinary wall with a window.

The room is high above the ground so there is no way to escape. Only constant fear of a possible fall, at least in a dream. Hence the name – ” heavenly village. It turns out that if zawędrujemy area with prison targets in an abandoned castle on Skellige, in Kaer Elmhult, find a room very similar to that of the books and the TV series „game of thrones”. Here, too. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a dead, short man on the floor with a distinctive scar on his face…

It’s not over. If you prefer a little more mundane secrets related pretty much to the” right ” game. The developers of CD projekt RED developed the game in such a way that some missions were hidden – they are more difficult to access than others. No one is charging them to us, and no icon on the map leads to them. Stumble on not we accidentally, simply observing some subject.

One of these tasks is related to the placement of the forge in The habitat of the morhen’s helmet. Mission will begin only then, when from the table in tower with staircase we will raise book „monster, or a witch description of.” Alternatively, you can kill a Golem in a cave near the fortress. The finding should read – but, fortunately, it’s not the whole book, and, as usual, only a few lines of text. After a short-very negative-description of the Witcher, we see a note indicating to go to the mine near zamchisk.


Hidden quests encourage you to pick up all the items. Of course, the fact of the existence of such hidden tasks is not the most unusual secret, but one such mission we decided to put in our set. Moreover, its end is quite unusual-and, of course, unpredictable. Of course, we will not spoil your surprises if you want to complete the quest yourself. Recommend.

HattoriHattori Hanzo-a character known, of course, fans of the film „Kill bill.” A great master who can create the best blades, one of a kind and in skilled hands is deadly. Blades of any kind in the Witcher 3 is not enough, and during the adventure, we can collect a lot of different types of swords. Therefore, it is not surprising that CD projekt RED decided to include in the game a minor reference to the master of the profession of the film Quentin Tarantino.

When we ask one of the blacksmiths in the district of Novigrad about whether he will be able to carry a weapon of better quality, he says that he is not Hattori. Surprised Geralt asks what the merchant is talking about. About Chatterie we also can sometimes hear on the streets of Novigrad, passing by speak with the residents. However, mention of it is not very common – then they would not be so special.


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