Nintendo Switch Review

Nintendo Switch Review

Nintendo console Switch just clicked the first year. During this time, the device was named the best-selling gaming platform in history. What is behind the success of this nondescript device that didn’t seem to knock-ness?

After a year of heavy Switch usage, it comes to my mind for at least five major reasons why the console lands in my bag daily. The Switch practically stopped playing on smartphones and tablets. For this purpose friends on PS4 started asking that with me everything is all right. Instead of an evening session on a Sony console, I chose to play on a smaller, less powerful Nintendo device. The stationary console could not include in 2 weeks. Given the nature of my work, this is an amazing result.

Exclusive game catalogue

Exclusive game catalogueNintendo Switch is great. The last gadget from the video game world that gave me so much fun was the PlayStation 2. This equipment is used. This doesn’t fit. Doesn’t allow for much. It gives a lot of pleasure. If you are thinking about buying it, you may be helped by a list of reasons why Switch is also being repaired. Part is obvious. I can’t.

In the ranking of the best games of 2017 on Nintendo Switch Review, the podium took two names Nintendo. Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey is a production for which buy the console. So good that by refusing to play the non-player does himself a lot of harm. Nintendo has always been good and refined productions, but what the Japanese are doing in 2017 passes the wildest expectations of fans.

Nintendo Switch has an amazing catalog of games for exclusive. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 „Deluxe”, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Bayonetta 2 and Splatoon 2 are wonderful titles that ” allow for playability. Below is a solid high shelf consisting of such productions as Pokken Tournament DX, Snipperclips, ARMS and Fire Emblem Warriors.

Of course, not all Nintendo games are big hits. Disappointed me, for example, arcade 1-2 Switch. However, in the overall calculation, the Japanese have provided as many top-end exclusive games as the 10/10 and 9/10 reviews, as Xbox and PlayStation have collected over the course of three years. Some of these hits are Wii U ports, but personally I don’t see the problem with that. On the previous, not very popular Nintendo console came out a few beads, which few people played. Good thing they found a second life on the switch.

Amazing technical capabilities of the console

Amazing technical capabilities of the consoleSwitch is the weakest console of the current generation. On the other hand, I’m still under the impression of what games I can run on this platform in portable mode. Pleases me that the equipment located in the pocket of a winter coat I have such titles as Breath of the Wild, Rage, DOOM, L. A. Noire, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Outlast 2, Payday 2, Layers of Fear whether Rocket League.

There’s something magical about when a big, powerful headline like DOOM becomes possible to play on a bus or train. The view of such a vast, advanced game on a small tablet screen is an amazing experience. Switch is the most powerful portable console that has ever been created. Soon it will be upchnięte even more great performances that would mention Wolfenstein 2, Cool and Dark Souls.

It is common knowledge that every game gets better if we can play it together with friends. In turn, Switch is a console created typically for General enjoyment. Betray it is themselves Joy Horses, for which there is a philosophy to share with loved ones nearby. You put forward one part of the controller, give a friend and can already play together in great games focused on cooperation and competition.

Nintendo capital a way to unite combines entertainment with the mobile advantage of the gameplay. You put the tablet on the table, you give joy-con to a friend, and you’re done. You play together in Mario Kart 8, without connecting the console to the TV and power supply. What convenient it is! How instinctive! How natural! None of the previous portable console did not offer such wonderful opportunities to play together. As a big fan of video game collaboration, I’m thrilled.

Nintendo Switch is not a competitor to PlayStation and Xbox

Nintendo Switch is not a competitor to PlayStation and XboxThe Wii U suffered a shameful failure because the console didn’t stand out from the competition. Had a car and we are on it to run the AAA titles of the type Batman: Arkham City, Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Assassin’s Creed III. These are all start-up productions that came on the market along with the Wii U. there Was, however, the question – why play big titles on the Nintendo console, since on the Sony and Microsoft platforms, the same games work better and faster? Besides, they’re prettier.

Switch does not have this problem. It’s not a console you need to have INSTEAD of a PS4 or Xbox. We are talking about the equipment cost of ownership, DESPITE the console Sony or Microsoft, located in the living room. Switch does not compete with Xbox and PlayStation. It is relatively complementary to these platforms. First you play Shadow of the Colossus on PS4, and then you get on the train and you do it. Or go to Minecraft on XONE to then continue on the same profile on Switchu.

Nintendo’s wisdom is to avoid a direct collision with the PS4 and XONE. Instead of the aspects of the course, the Japanese chose their way, running parallel to typically stationary consoles. Thanks to this and the mobile quality of the game, Switch is an interesting product for all those who already have a console connected to the TV.

Nintendo Switch hides a lot of mysteries, of which little is known. For example, located in the right Joy-which The IR camera allows to recognize the shapes that are in front of it. So in the digital world you can import your own, Cup or glasses and then use the object as a track element in the racing game. I was shocked when I first saw this technology. I didn’t know Switch allowed something like this.

Nintendo still doesn’t use the technical capabilities of its console. For example, the Home button on the right Joy-Con can be highlighted with a blue light. Only that the Japanese have not yet used this feature in practice. Players from all over the world find all sorts of treasures in the switch code, such as a full-featured emulator.

Projects such as Nintendo Labo clearly indicate that the Switch hides a lot more, a lot of surprises. The owners of this console, of course, will not complain of boredom. The Japanese are gradually developing their system and introducing more and more new features. I am convinced that in the next 4-5 years, this console will change beyond recognition. Both from the hardware and the software itself.

Ikaruga on the Switch is a perfect introduction to the beauty of bullet-hell games

Ikaruga on the Switch is a perfect introduction to the beauty of bullet-hell games

The hill was once a small island country. Unfortunately, a few years ago, one of the most important persons in the state, Tenro Horai, discovered Ubusunagami Okinokai – The power of the Gods. A mysterious object dug out of the ground gave it unimaginable power. The researcher and his minions come from the God of the new order, the chosen people. Then they began to conquer the world on behalf of the world. In opposition to goraya’s totalitarian escapes, the Tenkaku Federation was created, which resisted Him, or rather, his appearance.

We are dealing with a cult position

We are dealing with a cult positionHer hand was instantly destroyed, and the only survivor is the pilot named Shinra. Shot down during the action was rescued by residents of a nearby village, consisting mainly of refugees and exiles. The population Xingkai is secretly made the pilot of the fighter plane called the Ikaruga. Hungry for revenge Shinra at the helm of a flying machine moves into battle to eventually establish a new world order. Its result depends on player’s ability. History although die, this achievement pays for itself the role of victory is the true tears of disappointment…

It was manufactured and delivered during the cult in many Treasure circles as the spiritual successor of Radiant Silvergun. In 2001 she got to Sega NAOMI slot machines, two years later she was transferred to Dreamcast and GameCube (the review is based on this version). 2008 brought the owners of Xbox 360 and 2014. pecetowcom and owners of Android devices. However, where in this madness is the method? Why so much hype around Sapa, the position of the genre, whose peak of popularity was towards the end already during the initial launch?

There is no denying that this is a game to fill the surface of the screen with bullets on both sides and look for the empty space between them necessary for survival. Which takes into account only engagement, deft fingers, inhuman reflexes and huge decks of patience. Where the story and its representation is not in films intended for adults and teenagers (and posing as adults) audiences, only symbolic, because there is no need to leave any.

The audiovisual fixture is at the highest level of shmup, which still has no chance to capture the crowds enchanted at the time by the games in full, brilliant from Polygon 3D. In other words, Ikarugi had a grim chance of being remembered outside of Japan by a group of more than ten geijin fans of rolling their own arcade sticks. And yet it happened, we are dealing with a cult position and quite widely discussed. The answer is very simple: this is not a tutorial, a good shmup. It is brilliantly designed, internally threaded to the limit of shmup, which together with other Pantheon members makes for a pattern for other pieces of code. so miodnym that even people from the environment can’t keep my hands off him.

The gameplay

The gameplayWhat makes her so mysterious? Let’s start with the basic mechanics of the game, that is, the polarization system. Each opponent, projectile, and even the player’s car appears in one of two colors. White or black, or, as some believe, red or blue. You can change your color with a single button. And how does it affect the gameplay? Well, the attack in the General shade does not do us the slightest harm, on the contrary, fills the energy meter, which plays the role of a bomb scaling power.

However, even the smallest contact with the opposite polarity ends with the loss of life. The game, however, is consistent and opponents obey similar laws. Each of our projectiles deals damage, but those that are different from the goal, destroy it much faster. The point system is also based on this, for a high score should be consistently disintegrated by three opponents of reverse polarity. This gives already a decent Shapoval the chaff a whole new dimension and stimulates additional parts of the brain. Ikaruga on the Switch is a perfect introduction to the beauty of bullet-hell games. Each of the big opponents is the original use of these patents, at the same time without much turning in the direction of the logical game. Bosses and subbase ruthless, but satisfactory.

Such is ‚ em up ikaruga. The difficulty level will quickly make it so that we play with tears of frustration in our eyes, or we will be together with the blood seeping out of our fingers to ignore, amazed by the level of production. Dies all the time, and besides the troops, Horai our enemy are also obstacles. Level design, while excellent, is very sadistic. Levels five, each of them is divided into several fragments. In this respect, the game does not lag behind the genre norm-a game for 30-40 minutes, but the possibility of this Titanic action we work for hours.

Hard workouts make us unique audiovisual device highest marine shmoopy. Ikarugi cannot be confused with any other production, even if some polarity is not visible on the screen. Music can not be an artistic success, but you can listen to it with pleasure even after turning off the console. To be honest, the soundtrack is not, in my opinion, in the avant-garde shmupowej as an independent element, but fits perfectly into the concept of the game. The graphics, despite the years gone by, are still pleasing to the eye, especially, which is surprisingly smooth regardless of the screen load.

Polarity of the System

Polarity of the SystemThe slowdown is small, for this purpose placed specifically. Here we should again recall the Polarity of the System, as thanks to the possibility of” pożerania ” shells could abandon the widely present slowdowns gameplay, allowing you to find gaps in the impending wave of missiles. This procedure was hit the bull’s-eye, the gameplay does not suffer, as well as animation, along with error-free control is gaining a lot. Do not be afraid of sharp pixels, the position looks good even on very large modern TVs.

If you have already mentioned a technique, then you should mention the differences between releases on different platforms. They occur almost exclusively between releases on Dreamcast and Gamecube. The first is an exact port of the version free-cutting steel, so you’ll be minimally improved graphics (although not enough votes, declaring that it is a placebo effect, but the real difference there), sync music and several inserts fabularnymi. Game console-Nintendo weapons fewer and so few slowdowns and additional game modes, such as, for example, training. So it’s more accessible for beginner shmoopers or just fans of good gameplay without perfectionist jam.

You probably won’t find discussions about the best shmups in history where Ikaruga isn’t even mentioned. It is a custom on which the work of Treasure is called ” a piece one hundred percent. No matter what platform with the possibility of addictive names we have, by the way, do it. Ikaruga-it’s just a capital game, and during gameplay you will find out whether you have a future masochist. Who knows, maybe it will be the same as I have your entry into the genre?

Amazing The Witcher 3 Secrets Revealed

Amazing The Witcher 3 Secrets Revealed

The Witcher 3: wild Hunt ” had an amazing success. This is the first game from Poland that the whole world paid so much attention to. Geralt of Rivia has become thanks to this product is one of the most recognizable heroes of the game – the Witcher will even get to the fighting game SoulCalibur 6

Deadly rabbit

RPG from CD projekt RED, will debut in 2015. This is a large project in which several recipients spent hundreds of hours. However, the disclosure of all the secrets and mysteries lasts almost all the time – after all, in such a big game it’s easy to miss something. A pity, because interesting Easter eggs developers have prepared quite a bit.

Deadly rabbitIn this review, we present the ten most interesting secrets of Wild Gon. We are without a beat that during the first adventure in Witcher 3 ourselves we only noticed one link from our entire list – this is about which we write below. The rest are just hard sometimes to understand but it is interesting to return to the game, to independently verify some of the secrets. Yes, probably some of you will soon.

If you want to complete all the missions, quests, or collecting drains, take advantage of our extensive guide the Witcher 3. We also recommend that you check out another batch of secrets and little things from the world of Witcher 3-Witcher 3-20 little things that you may not have known. But in order not to delay too much reception-we are starting!

„Monty Python and the Holy Grail „is for many a cult film – created by one of the most famous cabaret groups in history, that is the”Monty Python” team. We will learn the story of a group of daredevils looking for the artifact of the same name. That knight is losing his head. Literally. It would seem that an innocent rabbit throws down his throat. Then the whole group rushes to the creature, but ultimately all decide on the use of the Holy Grenade (Holy Hand Grenade, as you know – by the way, – a series of Worms).

The village of „Game of thrones”

Well, in some forest in Witcher 3, Geralt in one of the caves you can see a familiar face view of a white rabbit. Moreover, on a toy blood stains and human remains are visible. This is a scene undoubtedly inspired by the Python movie. For a slightly younger audience, or just an unrelated scene from the movie, we put it below. By the way, we recommend you to read the whole work.

Rabbits and a specific, British humor, of course, is not the end of the little things and interesting secrets of Wild Rut. The next paragraph will be about something completely different-for we describe the establishment of a particular hbo series.

The village of "Game of thrones”If you’ve watched at least the first two seasons of the popular hbo series, created based on the George R. R. Martin Saga, then you probably associate the scene in which the chatty Tyrion Lannister gets into an unusual camera in the hard-to-reach airy castle. The cage is quite spacious though and no amenities. Prisoners can not complain about the weak species – because from the outside they look through a large hole, gaping in the place where there should be Amazing The Witcher 3 Secrets Revealed an ordinary wall with a window.

The room is high above the ground so there is no way to escape. Only constant fear of a possible fall, at least in a dream. Hence the name – ” heavenly village. It turns out that if zawędrujemy area with prison targets in an abandoned castle on Skellige, in Kaer Elmhult, find a room very similar to that of the books and the TV series „game of thrones”. Here, too. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a dead, short man on the floor with a distinctive scar on his face…

It’s not over. If you prefer a little more mundane secrets related pretty much to the” right ” game. The developers of CD projekt RED developed the game in such a way that some missions were hidden – they are more difficult to access than others. No one is charging them to us, and no icon on the map leads to them. Stumble on not we accidentally, simply observing some subject.

One of these tasks is related to the placement of the forge in The habitat of the morhen’s helmet. Mission will begin only then, when from the table in tower with staircase we will raise book „monster, or a witch description of.” Alternatively, you can kill a Golem in a cave near the fortress. The finding should read – but, fortunately, it’s not the whole book, and, as usual, only a few lines of text. After a short-very negative-description of the Witcher, we see a note indicating to go to the mine near zamchisk.


Hidden quests encourage you to pick up all the items. Of course, the fact of the existence of such hidden tasks is not the most unusual secret, but one such mission we decided to put in our set. Moreover, its end is quite unusual-and, of course, unpredictable. Of course, we will not spoil your surprises if you want to complete the quest yourself. Recommend.

HattoriHattori Hanzo-a character known, of course, fans of the film „Kill bill.” A great master who can create the best blades, one of a kind and in skilled hands is deadly. Blades of any kind in the Witcher 3 is not enough, and during the adventure, we can collect a lot of different types of swords. Therefore, it is not surprising that CD projekt RED decided to include in the game a minor reference to the master of the profession of the film Quentin Tarantino.

When we ask one of the blacksmiths in the district of Novigrad about whether he will be able to carry a weapon of better quality, he says that he is not Hattori. Surprised Geralt asks what the merchant is talking about. About Chatterie we also can sometimes hear on the streets of Novigrad, passing by speak with the residents. However, mention of it is not very common – then they would not be so special.


Overview: Heavy Rain on PS4

Overview: Heavy Rain on PS4

On Quantic Dream’s updated Heavy Rain, we had to wait a little longer than on the re-release of Beyond: Two Souls. Was it worth it?

Looking at the Heavy Rain years later, the mind suggests, first of all, one remark – the game is very old. In 2010, it was a breath of fresh air, something that not one player struck, but is it true now? Already there is no element of surprise and innowatorstwa in the face of the latest interactive production, and the shortcomings that had not come so literally to the fore, have now become particularly noticeable.

Dad of the year

Dad of the year

Debuted six years ago on PS3 production from Quantic Dream talks about finding an Origami Killer who, for unknown reasons, kidnaps little boys and kills them in cold blood. The scenario focuses on Ethan Mars, a man, who constantly confuse themselves of life’s tragedy, but apart from that, the embodiment in the other three; detective Shelby, the journalist Madison and FBI agent, Jaydena. Each one faces some challenges that should give them some human traits and bring the player closer, but you can feel like cage wasn’t avoiding the cheap drama. Which, by the way, accompanies us through the whole game. And at this point, I also got a little distracted – I don’t know, or you have the same, but my memories of taking in Heavy Rain were completely different, this name once „kicked me hard” emotionally. Maybe that’s why I just kind of grew old, not played.

Let’s look, however, at the facts. Obviously, voice acting remains far behind today’s standards, which is most evident when we hear the thoughts of the heroes. At one point Ethan stressed running around the apartment and screaming, and a second later, analyzing in his mind the situation, it sounds as if asking what to eat for dinner today. Wanting the best also leaves the leading musical theme; I once loved it, now sounds tearful and cheesy. That is perfectly fits into the atmosphere of Heavy Rain.

Heavy Rain in the new edition

However, this does not change the fact that the game is really nice. Contrary to popular belief, a considerable merit of Quick time Events, the number of which is generally not difficult, because it causes a lot of emotions and brings to the game dynamics. Thanks to the improved frame graphic relation to the version intended for the console of the previous generation is even more beautiful, although, frankly-The Order: 1886, it is not so.

Heavy Rain in the new editionRecently, Beyond: two souls, which first lived up to his ramacaritamanasa view, obviously struggling with the point of view of appearance. However, this does not change the fact that the increase in the resolution of the Heavy Rain 1080p impression; a striking example are, for example, the faces of the heroes that appear in the increase during the loading screens. Already on the PS3 looked brilliant, and now made with even more detail. Almost all textures have been mentioned; you will notice this not only after the appearance of the skin of the characters, but also their clothes or just the elements of the environment.

This is also helped by improved lighting, which in many places is different from that used in the previous version, bringing even more realism to the game world – it also affects the depth of field.

Unfortunately, you also have to mention very important shortcomings. ‘Heavy Rain’ PS4 Remaster Is Offensively Bad If in the case of Beyond 30 frames was still quite clear, then already in the question of Heavy Rain, produced by quite leciwej, it’s just strange and seems than to go the easy way. Really didn’t managed to squeeze 60 fps-s in the title to six years? I find that hard to believe. Weak. Come on… at least the frame rate is stable even in more complex, dynamic moments.

Little too little

However, we come to a key point where it’s worth thinking about the meaning of remastering, because apart from improved graphics and the ability to play on the best hardware, they really don’t offer us anything new. If even in the case of Beyond on PS4 got the Package extended Ekperymenty and statistics podsumowująch our elections (which, in General, had virtually no value when it comes to the end and the course of history), but already Heavy Rain does not offer any of these things.

And just in this case, the statistics will be really interesting variety – it is in this product, our decisions are key and reliably affect the gameplay. It depends on us what and who the heroes will survive, and whether it will be possible to catch the killer Origami. So disappointing is the lack of a single expansion in the PS4 version, as the first (and last) episode of Heavy Rain Chronicles is about the subtitle of the Taxidermist.

Little too little

Heavy Rain is a cinematic experience, as David cage has repeatedly said, and it certainly succeeded. The beautiful imagery and cinematography make a great impression and inspire, as much a pleasure to watch. The movements of the fighters are lively and smooth, during the cutscenes and QTE, which has not changed since the PS3, although at the same time it should be noted that compared to such Beyond quite kanciasto drop out walking animations. Does not prevent, however, in being drawn into opowiadaną story full of twists and exciting, despite the fact bargain holes in the script and classic for the cage problem in creating characters whose behavior often goes against their nature, causing a nasty rattle.

Not to mention that, since-as I said before – they are so heavily on the force of „human” that so far artificial; and mostly on that Heavy Rain suffers. Each of them is experiencing some personal tragedies, but we know nothing about them. While on the other hand, for example, Jody of The two souls showed that even the development of a detailed history of the hero does not guarantee giving him depth and character. Is it worth investing in Heavy Rain on PS4 then? I think it is possible because it is certainly a title very important and just a good, hotel included plot with the real consequences of our actions. But don’t expect miracles.

Dev story

Dev story

Have you ever wondered how difficult and challenging it is to conduct studies that are not engaged in the production of games? How many times have you mercilessly spoiled the creators for their mistakes? After all, it would be enough to do a little more, the world and repeat all this, and it would be ideal… Game Dev Story is a mini-simulator released on iOS and Android, thanks to which you will be able to test yourself as a developer. Our objective is to produce a game that will win excellent scores and therefore sell well.

Nintendo switch hot

Nintendo switch hotThe first thing that will come to us to do after the launch of the game, will come up with the name of our Studio. When we go through this as a difficult stage will begin these dev story stairs, the gameplay begins with a low budget, which will not allow us too many blunders. From the beginning we have to control the following shortcomings in our team through the employment of new people.

The system of employees has been thought out interestingly, each person is determined through 4 statistics, telling us about its level of training in the areas necessary to create the nintendo switch hot game: programming, graphics, writing scripts and sound engineering. All dev story employees also have their own specialty (graphic, sound engineer, etc.), through which they better develop their nintendo switch hot skills in the relevant industries and achieve better results in the design of the game. The developers give us the opportunity to improve the abilities of our people by paying them for various activities such as going to the movies or reading books.

The very aspect of the selection and development of the team is quite an important element, as they are better, and the more experienced we have, the more refined productions will be created, and therefore we will be better earned. When our game dev story Treasury is full, we can allocate more money to the next project, which will lead to the release of even better production.

Hot springs story

After the replenishment of the composition, we can begin to develop hot springs story and create the first game. Our task is to develop and control the formation of the title. First we have to decide what we really want to create. We have a choice of two categories: genre and reality, which will be built in the name, for example – Action RPG and Ninja. At the beginning of our adventure, we have quite a small selection in both categories, but along with the progress in the game and improving the skills of our team, we get access to a wide range of opportunities.

Hot springs storyThe design step doesn’t end with choosing these two things, now we have to decide which platform we want to build on. An interesting idea is that not all consoles are available at the start. Over the years, companies with similar names and in those we know (Sunny, Intendro Lee Senga) are releasing new versions of their leading products. Every time we need to purchase the appropriate license, we can create games for a specific hardware model.

If we made a choice in the main hot springs story issues, it would seem that it is possible to start production… Not, not yet, was the implementation of a step that determines the quality of production, that is definitely what will be emphasized. We do this by dividing the available points into one of 8 categories: cutscenes, world size or General nintendo switch game developers grinding. The problem is that we never had enough points to extort each category, we have to decide what to improve in our game and at what expense to do it. The task is not easy, as strange combinations can lead to the fact that our product will not be sold, and therefore the Studio will go bankrupt.

Nintendo switch game developers

Nintendo switch game developers

When we are able to create a game, we can start issuing it. Now our capabilities will be strictly limited, the impact that we have on the emerging name is negligible, still depends on whether we have prepared a good product. In addition to selecting which employees are to solve the scenario, graphics, and fine workmanship, we has almost nothing to do. The quality of our game is determined by 4 factors: gameplay, graphics, creativity and sound.

An interesting idea is that the nintendo switch game developers employee can improve the design on any plane, so it is not limited to the scope of their specialization. When we decide to release our work, it will be evaluated by the press on a ten-step scale, and the assessments themselves will have a short comment. Although sales are not directly related to the evaluation of the game, the more we collect, the more chance we have to win prizes at the annual festival of games, which directly affects our popularity. And as you know, popularity = $$$.

From the above text it can be concluded that this hot spring game production is suitable, but, unfortunately, has its drawbacks. One of them is very poor graphics. Many people would fall for the limitations of the platform on which the game was released, in my opinion it smells like a reduction in cost. Other performances have already proved that if he wants and has, accordingly, capable people, it is possible to squeeze much more from mobile phones. Oh, how many graphics terrible, but somehow does not interfere with the game, so the sound is very hemorrhoids… after 15 minutes of true passion, I decided there was no point in torturing it and turned off all the sounds.

I’ve described to you already more important hot spring game aspects, specifically omitting some subtleties so as not to give you the pleasure of getting to know the title, because despite the fact that, it’s production on mobile platforms, it was well thin and decently done, for some small flaws. To be honest with you, this is the first game on my phone that I work nights, so be careful, because it’s as addictive as a juicer. Despite the poor fixtures graphics, this game is very extensive, which every minute can surprise us with something worth spending these few dollars to try their hand.

Sport, crafts, DIY, intellectual or scientific topics

Nowadays, nobody says that we use computers for more and more tasks and activities

Nowadays, nobody says that we use computers for more and more tasks and activities

It is something that people love to do in their free time, which they are interested in, and sometimes even deeply delve into the subject or action. Nowadays, nobody says that we use computers for more and more tasks and activities. In total, we can help with today’s technological achievements, whether in science, entertainment or only in social relations.

Degraded „cube” means that someone is too big computer, amazing technology. But what if your work, interest, talent and hobbies are related to the machine? You are simply well trained, you feel good about it and you can have your social life, play, have fun, and everyone else.

Even a healthy lifestyle has an excessive amount (orthorexia nervosa), which is no longer related to equilibrium, but spasmodic, self-defense and mentally-minded. This means that basically everything is too expensive, even if it does not appear at the beginning. We certainly know those who put problems and perpetrators of others always before their last who put their needs and desires.

Some say it is the same as impulse control, as in other addictions

Some say it is the same as impulse control, as in other addictions

It may also seem like pro-social behavior, supportive, someone who is good and trustworthy – and these features are independent of dynamics – but in the background there are other forces that raise the issues of compulsory compliance, love and acceptance, Psychiatry and the official handbook of disorders Psychiatric (DSM-5. –

Hungarian about mental disorders of the decisive disease and Statistical Manual) are not counted disorders caused by video games (Gaming Internet Disorder) as a mental illness, but points of the agenda in the classification and implementation. Some say it is the same as impulse control, as in other addictions.

It is, in principle, an impossibility to inhibit impulses, in the scope of design and assessment of consequences, lack of reflection and is a part of increasing the tension of action before and after the action of relief, liberation, feeling of satiety. On the other hand, approaching those who declare that they feel that the game because there is no specific chemical substance, as in the case of alcohol and drugs, such as „level” increase addiction underestimate the „real” diseases.

How many people would come up with what to do with their lives now?

How many people would come up with what to do with their lives now?

It also appears that interpersonal, psychological and emotional problems appear in the background of computer game disorder. Thus, the game itself or its debit is a symbiotic consequence, not to mention that it is an attempt to treat or resolve symptoms. Finding similar interests and communities has always been important, and today it is not unusual to find this community online or by playing with someone like the companion player’s clan.

It also happens that serious friendships and love are born even if the parties have not met live, and maybe not. Addiction is associated with psychological symptoms, that is, seeking a chance, a desire to gain, the emergence of desire, but also its degree and manifestation.

There is no withdrawal or abstinence syndrome because there is no physical substance, but cessation or cessation of the desired activity may result in irritability, anxiety, tension as a psychological symptom. It’s a good question how many people would panic if there was no internet all day or week. How many people would come up with what to do with their lives now? It is also good to see the difference between the built-in technology and the part affecting life, facilitating and abnormal use of the living space

Do you know how to justify it neurologically?

We already have studies that prove that mankind does not do maneuvers so well elsewhere, or more accurately, using water technology than when using a keyboard or writing an SMS. It leaves traces in the brain. So in the last ten years the region of the young brain towards the thumb has become much larger.

Computer games develop visual perception

Computer games develop visual perception

There are more and more small, denser nets that allow them to achieve amazingly fast movements of the thumb. Young people develop their brains to optimally adapt to these requirements. The question now is whether it is important to move your thumb as quickly as possible in society in the future. Children can not answer this question yet – adults expect it. The beneficial effects of computer games.

A high school student jumped from the 26th floor because he missed a LAN event. Such messages are almost every day in our small world. After that you can rightly attack computer games, but why is nobody talking about the benefits of this? Certainly it is surprising to him because he has all the good and bad sides.

But do not waste a word, talk about facts. Computer games develop visual perception. Those who play regularly (2-3 hours a day) with computer games can significantly improve their visual skills. In this way, you can understand information from around the world.

This means that individual reports are detected faster than those that do not play or do not play too much computer games. This difference is not large in about 100 milliseconds. However, if you think about it, simply avoid an accident in real life. Visual skills are mainly developed by action-packed games (FPS), where we must, for example, react quickly to unexpected situations.

That’s why we can study for many years and still have fun

That's why we can study for many years and still have fun 

So the development is more stressed in the visual system. This causes. Often you can hear such games (Full Spectrum Warrior, American army, Operation Flashpoint), which is transformed in a direct way to army soldiers in some combat situations to practice in the virtual world and have fun while fighting each other.

In addition, the US Department of Defense has established a community of defense game programmers of the Department of Defense, which also includes future programmers for the US Army (also). In this way, they can train troops. We live in an information age. That is why good information is important. We can learn a lot from computer games.

This was particularly evident during the period of events (World War II, antiquity, the Middle Ages.) Creating games (Call of Duty, series series Codename Panzers:. Series Caesar, etc.). In the case of these games, historical loyalty is very important, so if everything is fine with the designer 🙂 in the game it will be a trace.

That’s why we can study for many years and still have fun (good times). However, not only can we talk about years, but also the style of the day, architecture, technical achievements and even more. One of my personal experiences was that I played in the first part of the Call of Duty series (I have been one of my favorite games since then).

Play is a basic human need, not just in childhood

Play is a basic human need, not just in childhood

I remember most of the years in the game, so I did not have to go to school :). This is the case, for example, in the case of the 1848 strategy game developed in Hungary. The numbers and other information from the year are very present in the game. That’s why the Ministry Okatatási bought the distribution rights (HUF 9.8 million), game development team (Hydrogame, now Hussar games) and to download free games made side Strategic games are, moreover, a kind of strategic thinking that we can use in our life „in big letters”.

One interesting thing: Sim City, Theme Park or Rollercoaster Tycoon is a popular game in some of the western commercial (Western European, American) commercial colleges and colleges. Knowing these games is compulsory for some seminars because these games can be used to learn important commercial tricks.


Play is a basic human need, not just in childhood. While the child has discovery, joy, trial and development (also) embedded in learning processes, its impact on adults is not negligible. For recreation, relaxation and recreation, it is important to play whether it is a board game, sport or just video games.

The exaggeration, however, is not only an indication that the balance is overturned, but also warns of shortcomings and unsatisfactory basic needs. And if it gets out of control, forms of manifestations similar to addictions over time cause damage to many areas of life. When it comes to the hobby as entertainment, everyone thinks something pleasant.


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E-Public Relations

Public relations is the conscious organisation of communication. Public relations is a management function. The task of public relations is: To achieve mutual understanding and to establish beneficial relationships, between the organisation and its publics and environment, through two-way communication.

The most important public relations tools are:

  • Personal communication

  • Events – group communication: Different events, presentations, exhibitions, seminars, conferences, congresses etc.

  • Publications: Printed and electronically published publicity materials

  • Audio-visual public relations tool

  • Printed and electronic media

  • Others

What is ePR, electronic public relations?

ePR includes all forms of communication, where the participants communicate electronically, internal (intranet) or external (Internet).

The role of ePR:

  • Informing the public and environment

  • Positioning an organisation through understanding and the persuasion of the environment and the public

  • The co-ordination of behaviour. The co-ordination between the organisation and the public and the public and the organisation, through interactive dialogue.

We could speak about the ePR only if the above three criteria exist simultaneously. The new information and communication technologies have opened up totally new communication channels for pr practitioners on the field of public relations. The ePR is one of the most effective tools of direct communication, not only in business but also in wider society. ePR is a tool to reach and communicate with new and existing partners.

ePR takes the following forms:


Web PR = Interactive web site, homepage
From a public relations standpoint, the web provides an excellent opportunity to distribute information to the public speedily, efficiently and cost-effectively.


Net PR includes chat rooms, e-mail (Net) Press Releases and the use of interactive Intranet.

The forms of interactive Net PR:

  • Net communications
  • Chat rooms
  • Forum – lists
  • E-Newsletters
  • Intranet
  • Virtual organisations, Job finder etc.
  • Net media services
  • Net press release (video-, audio- or audio-visual presentations. b-rolls, video-press release films etc.)


The forms of the On-line PR:

  • On-line media

>> Off-line – on-line media: On-line edition of magazines,   newspapers, radio- TV stations
>> On-line – on-line media: Electronic magazines, radio – TV stations
 Portal sites: Access to more than one off-line and on-line sites
>> On-line press room: Media only section of the web site or dedicated site.

  • On line conferences

>> On-line voice and/or video conferencing 
 On-line database
>> On-line libraries

  • E-education (distance learning)

    >> On-line education real time
    >> On-line education on demand

ePR effects on PR practice

  • The intranet can be one of the most effective tools of Internal PR

  >> Informing employees
 >> Shareholder (Ownership) relations

  • Interactive communication interdepartmental, inter-site, global

>> The interactive web, net and on line PR is effective external tool
>> Consumer relations – product-, services-, activity PR
>> Financial relations
>> Professional relations
>> Industrial relations
>> Public Affairs – Community-, Minority Relations, Government Affairs
>> Issue Management
>> Media relations
>> Organisation Aid-, fund raising- policy, philanthropy

The ePR also effective in every day public relations work

  • Counseling
  • Planning
  • Research
  • Evaluation
  • Monitoring
  • Events organisation etc.

What is the future of public relations?

Access to information is now demanded as a right: The days of limited access and push communication are over. In every field of public the pr experts collect and send information they want to be available, simultaneously with the birth of information. The challenge for further relations’ pr practitioners is to use the new Information communication technology tools to satisfy the demand.