Do you know how to justify it neurologically?

We already have studies that prove that mankind does not do maneuvers so well elsewhere, or more accurately, using water technology than when using a keyboard or writing an SMS. It leaves traces in the brain. So in the last ten years the region of the young brain towards the thumb has become much larger.

Computer games develop visual perception

Computer games develop visual perception

There are more and more small, denser nets that allow them to achieve amazingly fast movements of the thumb. Young people develop their brains to optimally adapt to these requirements. The question now is whether it is important to move your thumb as quickly as possible in society in the future. Children can not answer this question yet – adults expect it. The beneficial effects of computer games.

A high school student jumped from the 26th floor because he missed a LAN event. Such messages are almost every day in our small world. After that you can rightly attack computer games, but why is nobody talking about the benefits of this? Certainly it is surprising to him because he has all the good and bad sides.

But do not waste a word, talk about facts. Computer games develop visual perception. Those who play regularly (2-3 hours a day) with computer games can significantly improve their visual skills. In this way, you can understand information from around the world.

This means that individual reports are detected faster than those that do not play or do not play too much computer games. This difference is not large in about 100 milliseconds. However, if you think about it, simply avoid an accident in real life. Visual skills are mainly developed by action-packed games (FPS), where we must, for example, react quickly to unexpected situations.

That’s why we can study for many years and still have fun

That's why we can study for many years and still have fun 

So the development is more stressed in the visual system. This causes. Often you can hear such games (Full Spectrum Warrior, American army, Operation Flashpoint), which is transformed in a direct way to army soldiers in some combat situations to practice in the virtual world and have fun while fighting each other.

In addition, the US Department of Defense has established a community of defense game programmers of the Department of Defense, which also includes future programmers for the US Army (also). In this way, they can train troops. We live in an information age. That is why good information is important. We can learn a lot from computer games.

This was particularly evident during the period of events (World War II, antiquity, the Middle Ages.) Creating games (Call of Duty, series series Codename Panzers:. Series Caesar, etc.). In the case of these games, historical loyalty is very important, so if everything is fine with the designer 🙂 in the game it will be a trace.

That’s why we can study for many years and still have fun (good times). However, not only can we talk about years, but also the style of the day, architecture, technical achievements and even more. One of my personal experiences was that I played in the first part of the Call of Duty series (I have been one of my favorite games since then).

Play is a basic human need, not just in childhood

Play is a basic human need, not just in childhood

I remember most of the years in the game, so I did not have to go to school :). This is the case, for example, in the case of the 1848 strategy game developed in Hungary. The numbers and other information from the year are very present in the game. That’s why the Ministry Okatatási bought the distribution rights (HUF 9.8 million), game development team (Hydrogame, now Hussar games) and to download free games made side Strategic games are, moreover, a kind of strategic thinking that we can use in our life „in big letters”.

One interesting thing: Sim City, Theme Park or Rollercoaster Tycoon is a popular game in some of the western commercial (Western European, American) commercial colleges and colleges. Knowing these games is compulsory for some seminars because these games can be used to learn important commercial tricks.


Play is a basic human need, not just in childhood. While the child has discovery, joy, trial and development (also) embedded in learning processes, its impact on adults is not negligible. For recreation, relaxation and recreation, it is important to play whether it is a board game, sport or just video games.

The exaggeration, however, is not only an indication that the balance is overturned, but also warns of shortcomings and unsatisfactory basic needs. And if it gets out of control, forms of manifestations similar to addictions over time cause damage to many areas of life. When it comes to the hobby as entertainment, everyone thinks something pleasant.

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