EPR – We can learn a new concept

A new concept in the field of public relations, „EPR”


the relationship between public relations and the Internet

In our country, after the change of regime, our economic and political leaders became fashionable. This is public relations. These two words are so popular nowadays as it was the „marketing”.

We often come across different political and economic leaders in our country who use the term „pr” but do not know what it is. At this point, we are no longer surprised at the fact that e-businees, the new concept created for e-commerce, do not recognize the possibility of „ePR” given by the Internet.

EPR - We can learn a new concept

Of course, this is true not only for our country, but in many other countries we can encounter this phenomenon. Therefore, CERP, the European Public Relations Confederation, has developed a Europe-wide recommendation setting out the relationship between public relations and the Internet, the recommended ways of using the EPR.

On December 27, 1990, thirty-five Hungarian PR experts said that there is a need for an independent organization that recognizes public relations in Hungary as an independent profession. This became the Hungarian Public Relations Association. Since then, more than ten years have passed. The PR profession has become accepted in our country. Unfortunately, however, few in our country know what this concept really means. Many believe that pr is the first two letters of propaganda. Unfortunately, many politicians, senior officials, and a number of business leaders are not aware of the content of public relations, but they always use the term. This is evidenced – just as an example – by a press statement by a former National Police Headquarters that „the police must work, not run down”. Let’s say what more people said in the press and in the political weekly, it is in fact nothing less than the survival of the former „agitation propaganda”, also known as trying to make political propaganda salon. Many and in many ways tried to sell political propaganda to „piar”.

Many consider public relations to be a panacea, just as marketing was thought to be at the time of its release. Many people are despised. Even more people are indifferent to these two words. Many people misunderstand, confuse with journalism, advertising, and propaganda, many consider it a part of marketing. But it is not.

In Hungary, the first public-subscribed PR agency, PublicPress, was created in 1989 in Hungary.

The United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, clearly stipulating that „every person has the right to freedom of opinion and expression, which includes the right not to suffer harassment because of his / her opinion, and without limitation search, transmit, and disseminate news and ideas in any way. ” With the foundation and essence of pr, the profession started in Hungary with a delay of at least half a century.

What is public relations?

According to the recently published publication of the European PR Confederation:

„Public relations is a function of management.” Public relations is a task: To achieve common understanding, to create mutually beneficial relationships between the organization and its public and its environment through bidirectional communication. „

If you want to know the simple, understandable and easy-to-understand explanation of public relations, it’s easy to understand that pr is simply the following way of thinking: „Speak to your environment (with the public and the public) about what you are doing, doing or doing, telling them your goals, informing them through decision-making, through your information, to shape your activity! „

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