Ikaruga on the Switch is a perfect introduction to the beauty of bullet-hell games

Ikaruga on the Switch is a perfect introduction to the beauty of bullet-hell games

The hill was once a small island country. Unfortunately, a few years ago, one of the most important persons in the state, Tenro Horai, discovered Ubusunagami Okinokai – The power of the Gods. A mysterious object dug out of the ground gave it unimaginable power. The researcher and his minions come from the God of the new order, the chosen people. Then they began to conquer the world on behalf of the world. In opposition to goraya’s totalitarian escapes, the Tenkaku Federation was created, which resisted Him, or rather, his appearance.

We are dealing with a cult position

We are dealing with a cult positionHer hand was instantly destroyed, and the only survivor is the pilot named Shinra. Shot down during the action was rescued by residents of a nearby village, consisting mainly of refugees and exiles. The population Xingkai is secretly made the pilot of the fighter plane called the Ikaruga. Hungry for revenge Shinra at the helm of a flying machine moves into battle to eventually establish a new world order. Its result depends on player’s ability. History although die, this achievement pays for itself the role of victory is the true tears of disappointment…

It was manufactured and delivered during the cult in many Treasure circles as the spiritual successor of Radiant Silvergun. In 2001 she got to Sega NAOMI slot machines, two years later she was transferred to Dreamcast and GameCube (the review is based on this version). 2008 brought the owners of Xbox 360 and 2014. pecetowcom and owners of Android devices. However, where in this madness is the method? Why so much hype around Sapa, the position of the genre, whose peak of popularity was towards the end already during the initial launch?

There is no denying that this is a game to fill the surface of the screen with bullets on both sides and look for the empty space between them necessary for survival. Which takes into account only engagement, deft fingers, inhuman reflexes and huge decks of patience. Where the story and its representation is not in films intended for adults and teenagers (and posing as adults) audiences, only symbolic, because there is no need to leave any.

The audiovisual fixture is at the highest level of shmup, which still has no chance to capture the crowds enchanted at the time by the games in full, brilliant from Polygon 3D. In other words, Ikarugi had a grim chance of being remembered outside of Japan by a group of more than ten geijin fans of rolling their own arcade sticks. And yet it happened, we are dealing with a cult position and quite widely discussed. The answer is very simple: this is not a tutorial, a good shmup. It is brilliantly designed, internally threaded to the limit of shmup, which together with other Pantheon members makes for a pattern for other pieces of code. so miodnym that even people from the environment can’t keep my hands off him.

The gameplay

The gameplayWhat makes her so mysterious? Let’s start with the basic mechanics of the game, that is, the polarization system. Each opponent, projectile, and even the player’s car appears in one of two colors. White or black, or, as some believe, red or blue. You can change your color with a single button. And how does it affect the gameplay? Well, the attack in the General shade does not do us the slightest harm, on the contrary, fills the energy meter, which plays the role of a bomb scaling power.

However, even the smallest contact with the opposite polarity ends with the loss of life. The game, however, is consistent and opponents obey similar laws. Each of our projectiles deals damage, but those that are different from the goal, destroy it much faster. The point system is also based on this, for a high score should be consistently disintegrated by three opponents of reverse polarity. This gives already a decent Shapoval the chaff a whole new dimension and stimulates additional parts of the brain. Ikaruga on the Switch is a perfect introduction to the beauty of bullet-hell games. Each of the big opponents is the original use of these patents, at the same time without much turning in the direction of the logical game. Bosses and subbase ruthless, but satisfactory.

Such is ‚ em up ikaruga. The difficulty level will quickly make it so that we play with tears of frustration in our eyes, or we will be together with the blood seeping out of our fingers to ignore, amazed by the level of production. Dies all the time, and besides the troops, Horai our enemy are also obstacles. Level design, while excellent, is very sadistic. Levels five, each of them is divided into several fragments. In this respect, the game does not lag behind the genre norm-a game for 30-40 minutes, but the possibility of this Titanic action we work for hours.

Hard workouts make us unique audiovisual device highest marine shmoopy. Ikarugi cannot be confused with any other production, even if some polarity is not visible on the screen. Music can not be an artistic success, but you can listen to it with pleasure even after turning off the console. To be honest, the soundtrack is not, in my opinion, in the avant-garde shmupowej as an independent element, but fits perfectly into the concept of the game. The graphics, despite the years gone by, are still pleasing to the eye, especially, which is surprisingly smooth regardless of the screen load.

Polarity of the System

Polarity of the SystemThe slowdown is small, for this purpose placed specifically. Here we should again recall the Polarity of the System, as thanks to the possibility of” pożerania ” shells could abandon the widely present slowdowns gameplay, allowing you to find gaps in the impending wave of missiles. This procedure was hit the bull’s-eye, the gameplay does not suffer, as well as animation, along with error-free control is gaining a lot. Do not be afraid of sharp pixels, the position looks good even on very large modern TVs.

If you have already mentioned a technique, then you should mention the differences between releases on different platforms. They occur almost exclusively between releases on Dreamcast and Gamecube. The first is an exact port of the version free-cutting steel, so you’ll be minimally improved graphics (although not enough votes, declaring that it is a placebo effect, but the real difference there), sync music and several inserts fabularnymi. Game console-Nintendo weapons fewer and so few slowdowns and additional game modes, such as, for example, training. So it’s more accessible for beginner shmoopers or just fans of good gameplay without perfectionist jam.

You probably won’t find discussions about the best shmups in history where Ikaruga isn’t even mentioned. It is a custom on which the work of Treasure is called ” a piece one hundred percent. No matter what platform with the possibility of addictive names we have, by the way, do it. Ikaruga-it’s just a capital game, and during gameplay you will find out whether you have a future masochist. Who knows, maybe it will be the same as I have your entry into the genre?

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