MY WAY IS CHEAPER BUYING ONLINEvI love sales, but I hate going to the shops during them. Especially with children. Because when it’s our turn to go into the fitting room or pay for the goods at the checkout (after a few minutes in a huge queue), just then one of my kids wants to pee. Life. That’s why I do most of my shopping online.

Here’s my way of making them even cheaper.

    In the online stores of my favorite clothing brands, I always subscribe to the newsletter. Due to this, as a rule, I get 10-15% discount on the first purchase. After that, I regularly receive up-to-date information about price reductions or thematic promotions via email, so no super ACTION will miss my attention.
    Comparisons I use for shopping other than clothes. Thanks to them, I can quickly find the cheapest offers on the Internet, immediately check whether the store is trusted or not, and even find a stationary store with this thing closest to my home (when, for example, I care about time).
    Unfortunately, in many services, these discount codes do not work, and the sites themselves serve to monetize advertising. Therefore, I use only the largest service of this type in Poland, i.e. AleRabat. In addition to hundreds of discount codes for popular stores there is also information about promotions or sales on the Internet, and even advertising Newspapers in more than 120 stationary stores.
    The codes themselves can be grouped into stores or categories, so you can easily find the one on which we depend. This on toys, cosmetics or household TECHNIQUE.


Online shopping is becoming more and more popular. This is evidenced by the growing number of online stores, as well as a greater openness of customers to perform such purchases. So, do stores offering products online have a chance of breaking through? We will answer in the next article.

  1. What are the benefits of shopping online?
    The reason why many people prefer to perform basic food purchases online is primarily with the fact that shopping is very fast. The fact is that supermarkets such as, for example, „Auchan”, as a rule, are very large – of course, this is directly due to the fact that they offer a really wide range of products, not only food. The more space, the more space to place the goods. Thus, to perform even basic purchases in such a store, you need to get to the place, find a Parking space, make purchases, and then return to the car or public transport. The final stage is to bring your purchases home.
    Meanwhile, online shopping is associated with the launch of the device podpiętego on the Internet, then choose the most interesting products and waiting for the supplier. So, as you might guess, shopping from home is really a big time saver.
    Moreover, the goods purchased in this way are often very fresh. Contrary to popular belief, parties that are somehow worse or close to expectations are not chosen. Freshness and quality is a priority in such purchases.ONLINE SHOPPING – WORTH IT?
  2. Dangers of buying products online
    Of course, doing this kind of food shopping is not only about the benefits themselves. One of the biggest drawbacks, as well as consumer concerns, is the delivery time. On the one hand, going to a large supermarket takes a long time, and on the other hand, the delivery time of purchases on the Internet is also not fast. As a rule, it is necessary to wait for their implementation at least for one day. Therefore, to plan a grocery shopping online on the same day when we want, for example, to cook something yourself for dinner is impossible to implement.
  3. What is the alternative for online shopping?
    Shopping online is not the only solution if we want a quick and delicious lunch. Recently, portals such as, for example, Pizza portal, where you can buy a nutritious and delicious lunch at an attractive price, have become especially popular. One of the biggest advantages of such sites is the search for dishes – if, for example, we have the desire to macron, just enter the name of the dish and the search engine will show you the open restaurants in the nearest area.
    A wide selection allows you to buy your favorite dishes, which, in addition, will always be fresh. This is evidenced by the rating of restaurants in which users rated the level of food provided. Therefore, you can always be sure that the ordered food will be what we expect.

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