Overview: Heavy Rain on PS4

Overview: Heavy Rain on PS4

On Quantic Dream’s updated Heavy Rain, we had to wait a little longer than on the re-release of Beyond: Two Souls. Was it worth it?

Looking at the Heavy Rain years later, the mind suggests, first of all, one remark – the game is very old. In 2010, it was a breath of fresh air, something that not one player struck, but is it true now? Already there is no element of surprise and innowatorstwa in the face of the latest interactive production, and the shortcomings that had not come so literally to the fore, have now become particularly noticeable.

Dad of the year

Dad of the year

Debuted six years ago on PS3 production from Quantic Dream talks about finding an Origami Killer who, for unknown reasons, kidnaps little boys and kills them in cold blood. The scenario focuses on Ethan Mars, a man, who constantly confuse themselves of life’s tragedy, but apart from that, the embodiment in the other three; detective Shelby, the journalist Madison and FBI agent, Jaydena. Each one faces some challenges that should give them some human traits and bring the player closer, but you can feel like cage wasn’t avoiding the cheap drama. Which, by the way, accompanies us through the whole game. And at this point, I also got a little distracted – I don’t know, or you have the same, but my memories of taking in Heavy Rain were completely different, this name once „kicked me hard” emotionally. Maybe that’s why I just kind of grew old, not played.

Let’s look, however, at the facts. Obviously, voice acting remains far behind today’s standards, which is most evident when we hear the thoughts of the heroes. At one point Ethan stressed running around the apartment and screaming, and a second later, analyzing in his mind the situation, it sounds as if asking what to eat for dinner today. Wanting the best also leaves the leading musical theme; I once loved it, now sounds tearful and cheesy. That is perfectly fits into the atmosphere of Heavy Rain.

Heavy Rain in the new edition

However, this does not change the fact that the game is really nice. Contrary to popular belief, a considerable merit of Quick time Events, the number of which is generally not difficult, because it causes a lot of emotions and brings to the game dynamics. Thanks to the improved frame graphic relation to the version intended for the console of the previous generation is even more beautiful, although, frankly-The Order: 1886, it is not so.

Heavy Rain in the new editionRecently, Beyond: two souls, which first lived up to his ramacaritamanasa view, obviously struggling with the point of view of appearance. However, this does not change the fact that the increase in the resolution of the Heavy Rain 1080p impression; a striking example are, for example, the faces of the heroes that appear in the increase during the loading screens. Already on the PS3 looked brilliant, and now made with even more detail. Almost all textures have been mentioned; you will notice this not only after the appearance of the skin of the characters, but also their clothes or just the elements of the environment.

This is also helped by improved lighting, which in many places is different from that used in the previous version, bringing even more realism to the game world – it also affects the depth of field.

Unfortunately, you also have to mention very important shortcomings. ‘Heavy Rain’ PS4 Remaster Is Offensively Bad If in the case of Beyond 30 frames was still quite clear, then already in the question of Heavy Rain, produced by quite leciwej, it’s just strange and seems than to go the easy way. Really didn’t managed to squeeze 60 fps-s in the title to six years? I find that hard to believe. Weak. Come on… at least the frame rate is stable even in more complex, dynamic moments.

Little too little

However, we come to a key point where it’s worth thinking about the meaning of remastering, because apart from improved graphics and the ability to play on the best hardware, they really don’t offer us anything new. If even in the case of Beyond on PS4 got the Package extended Ekperymenty and statistics podsumowująch our elections (which, in General, had virtually no value when it comes to the end and the course of history), but already Heavy Rain does not offer any of these things.

And just in this case, the statistics will be really interesting variety – it is in this product, our decisions are key and reliably affect the gameplay. It depends on us what and who the heroes will survive, and whether it will be possible to catch the killer Origami. So disappointing is the lack of a single expansion in the PS4 version, as the first (and last) episode of Heavy Rain Chronicles is about the subtitle of the Taxidermist.

Little too little

Heavy Rain is a cinematic experience, as David cage has repeatedly said, and it certainly succeeded. The beautiful imagery and cinematography make a great impression and inspire, as much a pleasure to watch. The movements of the fighters are lively and smooth, during the cutscenes and QTE, which has not changed since the PS3, although at the same time it should be noted that compared to such Beyond quite kanciasto drop out walking animations. Does not prevent, however, in being drawn into opowiadaną story full of twists and exciting, despite the fact bargain holes in the script and classic for the cage problem in creating characters whose behavior often goes against their nature, causing a nasty rattle.

Not to mention that, since-as I said before – they are so heavily on the force of „human” that so far artificial; and mostly on that Heavy Rain suffers. Each of them is experiencing some personal tragedies, but we know nothing about them. While on the other hand, for example, Jody of The two souls showed that even the development of a detailed history of the hero does not guarantee giving him depth and character. Is it worth investing in Heavy Rain on PS4 then? I think it is possible because it is certainly a title very important and just a good, hotel included plot with the real consequences of our actions. But don’t expect miracles.

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